Driving Lessons

We will get individually tailored and well planned manual or automatic driving lessons in Leeds with us. We have courses for beginners and people with previous experience. Our female driving instructors offer the following courses in the Leeds alongside another professional local Leeds based driving school serving the area.

Weekly lessons are available. You can take either 60 or 120 minute driving lessons. Weekly tuition is a popular way to learn which allows people progress at their own pace. We have introductory offers for beginners and student discounts when you learn on a weekly basis.

We also have intensive driving courses. This makes a great way to learn fast with properly organised courses. Intensive lessons usually last between 2 to 6 weeks.

Refresher lessons are a sensible choice, particularly for people who have not driven in a while. We can help to regain you skills and refresh your knowledge of driving. Refresher tuition can also help people gain confidence behind the wheel.

Motorway driving lessons are popular with people who have just pass the practical test. We teach safe and effective ways of motorway driving. We consider this courses essential as currently learners are not allowed on motorway. Get safe, get expert motorway training with us.

Learn more about driving lessons and courses with us.